The Theater came to me as a very religious work.
It is a work of complete dedication.

It's a dangerous work.

                                          - - -   Lord Buckley

Tom Dale Keever

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    I was born in Chicago

    Date of Birth:
    le 1er brumaire
    (Feast of St. Donatus)
    l’année cent-cinquante-cinq
    du révolution

    Vive la France!

    Vive la révolution!!

    Natal Horoscope

    Chicago Skyline

    View of Elmhurst, or
                    someplace like it
    I grew up in the Chicago
    suburb of Elmhurst

        I was educated in Elmhurst's public schools,
    and in its Public Library

    Library Resources On Line
    Holland Park Library,
                  London, 1940

    Holland Park Library, London, 1940

    Professor R. Glenn

    Professor R. Glenn Wright

    I graduated from Justin Morrill College, 

    an experimental, residential, and now defunct, 

    liberal arts college at Michigan State University.

    where I earned a BA in English and French Literature 

    with a Field of Concentration in "Theories of Literary Criticism" 

    and a Secondary Teaching Certificate

    Ramparts April 1966

    The Realist Disney

    The Realist's Disney Fantasia
    Since 1980 I have lived
    in New York City's Hell's Kitchen

    Over the past twenty years I have worked 
    in New York and regional theater
    as an  actor  and as  many other things

    (Click on either link to see the appropriate resumé.)

    West Side Story
    West Side Story

    My First Computer:


    An early Compaq "portable"

    Some Online Teaching Resources:

    Harvard Writing Center and Resources

    Brown University Writing Center

    Suggested Readings in Modern Drama

    Electronic texts on the Internet - University of Pennsylvania

    Kenneth Tynan's List of Plays for the Royal National Theatre

    A List of British Plays, Suggested Reading for my course in "British Theater and Drama"

    Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric

    A List of Essays Recommended for Composition Students

    A List of Falacious Logical Arguments

    John Erskine, "The Moral Obligation To Be Intelligent"

    Jerry Farber, "The Student as Nigger

    Videos for my class use 


    La Boheme

    I have worked for several opera companies, most enjoyably with the glorious divas of 

    La Gran Scena Opera.

    Here are some other Opera Web Sites.

    Opera on the Web
    La Scala
    The Royal Opera, Covent Garden
    Metropolitan Opera
    New York City Opera
    Chicago Lyric Opera
    Santa Fe Opera
    Florida Grand Opera
    Amato Opera Company, New York

    I have worked on many projects, 

    installations, and tours with 

    La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela

    at 275 Church Street.

    The Well-Tuned Piano

    Lecture 1960

    LaMonte Young
    La Monte Young


    Outside of a dog 
    a man's best friend is a book. 

    Inside of a dog 
    it's too dark to read.

         -- Groucho Marx
    I am a passionate 
    collector of books.

    Better World Books
    Monkeywrench Books, Austin
    Curious Book Shop, East Lansing, MI
    Antiquarian Booksellers
    Moe's Books, Berkeley, California
    Boston Book Company
    The Advanced Book Exchange
    All Direct
    Exedra Booksearch, UK
    London Review Bookshop
    Rochester Rare Books, UK
    Powell's Books of Portland, Oregon
    Schoenhof's Foreign Language Books
    Blackwell's Books, Oxford, UK
    Unsworths, London
    Bookmarks, London
    Wellred Books Online
    Heffer's, Cambridge, UK
    Daedalus Books
    Edward R. Hamilton, Falls Village, CT
    21 North Main
    Shorey's Bookstore, Seattle Books
    Discount Textbooks
    All Discount Books
    Direct Textbooks
    Bargain Bookstores
    French Books Online
    Birchbark Book Shop
    Book Arcade
    Internet Theater Bookshop
    Book Culture, New York City

    Here are some good places to get etexts:

    Poetry Foundation
    Sacred Texts
    Great Books
    MIT Classics Archive
    Books On-line at University of Pennsylvania
    University of Virginia Text Archive
    The New Bartleby
    The Perseus Project, Tufts University
    Wiretap Books
    Oxford Text Archive
    Columbia English Internet Resources
    Columbia Electronic Text Service
    English Literature from The Mining Company
    Columbia Electronic Texts on the Internet
    Berkeley Sunsite Digital Collections
    Free Books Online
    Virginia European Texts
    Free Fiction Books Online
    Luminarium: English Literature
    Latin American Literature

    I cannot sleep unless
    I am surrounded by books.
       -- Jorge Luis Borges

    Places for Book Lovers

    / Booklust /

    And here are some etexts 
    I have transcribed

    King Lear: First Quarto

    Colly Cibber's Richard III

    Sir John Suckling's "A Ballade upon a Wedding"

    Gore Vidal on William F. Buckley, Jr.

    Professor Irwin Corey Accepts the National Book Award for Thomas Pynchon

    Jan Kott, "King Lear or Endgame"

    Edward Tayler, "King Lear and Negation"

    Stephen Greenblatt, "Martial Law
    in the Land of Cockaigne"

    "Unraveling," a chapter from Laszlo Krasznahorkai's Satantango

    Final passage from Krasznahorkai's
    The Melancholy of Resistance

    David Foster Wallace Vocabulary

    King Lear title page

     Other reading:

    Freedom of the press is 
    guaranteed only to those who own one.

           -- A. J. Liebling

    The New York Times
    The Village Voice
    The Nation
    The New York Review of Books
    The Financial Times
    The Week
    The Texas Observer
    The Weekly Standard
    The Exquisite Corpse
    The American Prospect
    The American Spectator
    The Saint Louis Post Dispatch
    The London Review of Books
    The Times Literary Supplement
    The Toledo Blade
    Knight Ridder
    Dave Barry at the Miami Herald
    Mother Jones
    Tom Oliphant
    WNYC Reading Room
    Private Eye
    Les Temps modernes
    Le Nouvel Observateur
    El Pais, Madrid
    El Mundo, Madrid
    Le Monde, Paris
    Le Figaro, Paris
    Libération, Paris
    The Guardian, London
    The Washington Post
    The Chicago Tribune
    The Hartford Courant
    The Wall Street Journal
    The Economist
    Stars and Stripes
    The Columbia Spectator
    The Baffler
    Poem du jour
    The Washinton Post
    The Christian Century
    National Lampoon

    But, don't believe everything you read in the Corporate Press!


    New York Yankees

    This is your brain.

    I am a 
    New York 
    baseball fan!
    New York Mets

    This is your brain on drugs!

      Get 'yer history and stats:

    The Baseball Almanac
    Baseball Reference
    Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)
      Pinstripe Blog  /  Baseball Prospectus  /  Pinstriped Blog  /
    / Pinstripe Alley / Bill James /

    Brooklyn Cyclones
    Lou Gehrig at Columbia
    Lou Gehrig
    (Columbia Lions Baseball)
    Japanese Baseball

    Nippon Professional Baseball

    Jim Allen's Japanese Baseball Page

    Baseball Guru

    Cuban Baseball

    When I watch a game 
    I like to keep score.

    Here are some places to get scorecards 
    and learn how to fill them in:

    The Baseball Scorecard

    Rich Hoffarth's Scorecard Page

    And, the one I recommend:

    The Project Scoresheet Method

    Scorecard: Home Team
    Scorecard: Visitors
    Reference Card

    Project Scorecard

    I follow one football team

    Milton Keynes Dons

    The Football League  /  Football League Two

    My other hobbies include building scale models

    of classic cars and other things


    Look up Etymologies on line with Etymoline

    Expand your word power with

    Shakespeare and other Early Modern Literature

    DEEP: Database of Early English Playbooks
    Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama Resources at University of Victoria

    Folio Viewer, University of Victoria
    Early Modern Notes
    Renaissance Literature
    World Shakespeare Bibliography Online
    The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-on-Avon
    Poor Yorick Shakespeare Catalogue
    Classical Theatre
    Absolute Shakespeare
    Shakespeare's Life and Times
    Sher's Shakespeare Index
    Links to Early Modern Humanities Sites
    Shakespeare Texts at MIT
    Early Modern Literary Studies
    The Plays of Thomas Middleton (1580-1627)
    Biographical Index of English Drama Before 1660
    Shakespeare Quarterly Online
    The Milton Reading Room
    The Works of Ben Jonson
    Luminarium: English Literature
    English Prose Drama Database

    A FREE paper model of The Globe Theatre !!

    A reasonably priced paper model of The Globe Theatre from Paper Landmarks

    Some Early Modern Resources I Have Created:
    An Early Modern Chronology:  1453 - 1716

    A Database of Early Modern English Performance

    Early Modern Plays Data as Word Document

    Plot Outlines for Hamlet and King Lear

    Troilus and Cressida essays and accompanying images

    Theatre for a New Audience's Troilus and Cressida

    Edward Tayler, "King Lear and Negation," ELR 20:1

    The plays of "Shakespeare" were 
    written by William Shakespeare, Gent., 
    of Stratford-upon-Avon (1564-1616)
    in collaboration with his fellow members of the 
    Chamberlain's / King's Men and various other playwrights, 
    including Thomas Middleton and John Fletcher.
    To learn about the amusing debate that this 
    simple statement of historical fact can arouse
    check out these three sites:

    When I am not reading, and often when I am,
    I listen to the radio:

  • Mercury Theater
  • Pacifica Radio
  • Pacifica: From the Vault
  • BBC Radio 4
  • BBC Radio 4 Player
  • The Archers
  • Radioworks
  • Laura Flanders
  • Radio Nation
  • Mother Jones Radio
  • Free Speech Radio News
  • Democratic Talk Radio
  • China Radio International
  • National Public Radio
  • This American Life
  • A Prairie Home Companion
  • Jim Hightower on the Radio
  • Harry Shearer’s Le Show
  • The BBC
  • NY Area Music Radio Guide
  • RadioNation
  • Counterspin
  • On the Media
  • Coast to Coast
  • Brian Lehrer Soapbox
  • Leonard Lopate Discussion
  • Golden Age of Radio
  • Everything Old Is New Again
  • Selected Shorts
  • Old Time Radio Catalog
  • On Being
  • Yesterday USA Old Time Radio

  • Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong

    Edwin Howard Armstrong invented FM (Frequency Modulation)
    radio broadcasting working in a laboratory in the basement
    of Columbia University's Philosophy Hall.

  • WBAI Radio, New York
  • KUHF Houston New Music
  • KPFT Houston Pacifica
  • KPFK Los Angeles NPR
  • WFMT Live
  • Talk Radio News
  • Global Village Music (KPFK)
  • WWOZ Radio, New Orleans
  • WBGO, Jazz, Newark
  • WFMU Radio
  • WQXR Live On The Internet

    I  seldom watch television

    Turn Off Your Television

    White Dot
    TV B Gone
    Media Education Foundation
    TV Worth Watching


    If you use the World Wide Web and the Internet 

    you should support the people fighting to protect it 

    against the enemies of the free exchange of information:

    I play finger-style blues and ragtime guitar, 
    Appalacian dulcimer and ukulele.

    My favorite musical instrument store is Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan. They started out as neighbors in East Lansing and now have a large store and do a world-wide mail order and internet business. If you are in the market  for a guitar, banjo, dulcimer or any other traditional folk instrument, instructional books or videos, or cassettes or CD's of traditional or folk music you should check out their web site and get a catalog.

    Find guitar music at the On-Line Guitar Archive, (OLGA), Active Guitar /  /  Tabalorium  / My Songbook
    Singout Magazine / Guitar Tuner /

    You should also have a look at  Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

    Brian's Chordlist Collection

    And these sites for some of my favorite acoustic guitarists:

    Pierre Bensusan       *    Woody Mann

    John Fahey tablature

    Among electric blues guitarists 
    there are none better than Jon Paris

    I also strum a ukulele

     / Ukulele Tuning /

    Alligator Boogaloo  /  EZ Folk Tabs

    Dominator  /  Mandolin Tuning /

    I play harmonica, though not very well

    Harptab  /  Harmonicas and Stuff  /  Harp Depot  /

    I'm even worse on the banjo:

    / Banjo Hangout / Banjo Tuning / Bass Guitar Tuning /

    For Guitar Repair I recommend:  Alex Musical Instrument

    Other Music Sites I find useful:

    / Traditional Music / Musicopedia /

    Kaileigh - the next Bonnie Rait!
    Mississippi John Hurt
    Mississippi John Hurt

    Political Sites

    I Am Still
                      a Socialist

    Marx and Me

    Groucho stamp

    Je suis marxiste - 
    tendance Groucho!

    Marxists Internet Archive
    Marx Engels Werke
    Electronic Activist
    The Center for Responsive Politics
    Project Vote Smart
    The Green Party
    The Labor Party
    The New Party
    Socialist Party USA
    Thinking Marxism
    Communist University of Johannesburg
    Democratic Socialists of America
    Communist Party USA
    People's World
    Socialist Workers Party - US
    The Militant
    Socialist Workers Party - UK
    The (Fourth) Internationalist
    World Socialist Web Site
    The Reform Party
    Dark Alliance: The CIA and the Crack Explosion
    CounterSpin, FAIR's radio show
    ZNet   (Z Magazine)
    FAIR -- Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
    The Center for Public Integrity
    Public Citizen (Ralph Nader)
    Citizens Union
    The Consortium
    Eye On New York 
    Refuse & Resist!
    The Frankfurt School
    NACLA Report on the Americas
    Emma Goldman Papers
    Tom Paine
    Center for Public Policy Priorities
    Ad Busters / Culture Jammers
    Northern Sun
    Soldiers for the Truth
    Guardian Backbencher
    Electronic Intifada
    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
    Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly!
    Helen Caldicott:  Nuclear Policy
    Znet Chomsky archive
    Council of Conservative Citizens
    Pat Buchanan: The American Cause
    Gary Bauer:  Our American Values
    The Corporate Crime Reporter
    Highlander Center
    Physicians for a National Health Program


    - Human Rights Watch -

    - Amnesty International -

    - Human Rights Now -

    - Center for Constitutional Rights -

    - Center for Human Rights and Constituional Law -

    - Constitutional Rights Foundation -

    - Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law -

    - Center for Human and Constitutional Rights -

    - Judicial Watch -

    - Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression -

    - Meiclejohn Civil Liberties Institute -

    Human Rights First

    Freedom of the Press Institute

    Rosa Luxemburg

    Die freiheit ist immer 

    die freiheit des 


    -- Rosa Luxemburg

    Robert Jay Lifton, Birds, New York: Random House, 1969

    His Holiness The Dalai

    Greek New Testament

    Septuagint: Greek Old Testament

    Latin Vulgate Bible

    Sacred Texts: Christianity

    Bible Suite

    Freedom from Religion Foundation

    Equal Time for Free Thought

    Charter for Compassion

    Fish Drum

    Om Yoga

    Ligmincha Institute

    The Zen Site

    Zen Habits

    Heraclitus, Bi-lingual Fragments

    Kennedy Zen

    Anthony De Mello

    Shambala Meditation Center

    Foundation for Conscious Evolution

    The Gurdjieff Foundation - New York

    Christian Classics Ethereal Library

    Nimatullahi Sufi Order

    Light of Guidance Center for Sufi Studies

    Nur Ashki Jurrahi (Sufi) Community

    The Dalai Lama

    Snow Lion Books

    Wei Wu Wei

    Tibet House



    Access to Insight

    Sacred Texts

    Holy Books. com

    Sacred Texts:  Buddhist

    Tricycle Magazine

    Dzogchen Monastery



    The Lotus Sutra

    Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

    Ram Bahadur Bomjon

    Meditation in New York

    Fire Lotus Temple

    Jack Kornfield

    Downtown Meditation Community

    Village Zendo

    Chogye International Zen Center

    WZEN Internet Radio

    John Daido Loori

    Hui-Neng Site

    Guru Focus

    Ordinary Mind Zendo

    Still Mind Zendo

    Zen Peacemakers

    Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, NM

    Lion's Roar

    Some places to find out what our government wants us  to  think  is going on:

  • THOMAS: US Congress (LOC)
  • US Federal Courts
  •  US "Justice" Department
  • Links to Government Agencies 
  • The FBI
  •  FBI Uniform Crime Statistics
  • The CIA
  • CIA Factbook
  • The National Security Council
  • The Office of Heimat Security
  •  Office of Thrift Supervision
  • National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  •  BLS Occupational Employment Statistics
  •  Office of Managment and Budget
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • US Commission on Civil Rights
  • Washington Post Congress Guide
  • National Counterterrorism Center
  • Congressional Budget Office
  • Immigration and Customs (ICE)
  • Justia US Supreme Court Center
  • FindLaw
  • The 911 Commission Report

     And here are some other interesting places on the Web:

    The Bathroom Diaries - International Public Loo Advice!  /  Kottke /
    New York Museum Guide: Curators' Choice / Marcel Duchamp  /
    BoingBoing  /  Survival Research Laboratories  /  A.V. Club /
    Cornel Legal Information Institute: Supreme Court Decisions
    The REAL Frank Zappa Home Page  Visible Human Project 
    / Richard Stallman's Website  /  LifeHacker   /  Economists /
     MentalFloss  /  Spiked  /  AboveTopSecret  / The Well  /  CostCo  /
    / Sierra  /  Zen in the Art of the Internet /

    /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /