Classroom Behavior for Humanities Core Students


The following list specifies behavior that is required or forbidden during classes.  It is not exhaustive and may be augmented when necessary;


Come to class on time and bring a copy of the reading that was assigned for that day’s class.


Do not use any electronic device during class unless the instructor gives you specific permission to look something up or to read a text from the screen.


At all other times your electronic devices must be kept off of your desks and in your bags or in your pocket.


No one is to check their messages, email, or any other online material, nor send or receive email or text messages during class.


During class your attention should be on the discussion or on what the instructor is saying.  The text under discussion must be open on your desk.


Do not work on scores or study any work for other classes during Humanities class.


Do not put your head down on your desk and take a nap.   Get more sleep at night and stay awake during your classes.


There is NO EATING during class.  Have breakfast or lunch before you arrive.


You may bring water, coffee, tea, juice or other non-alcoholic beverages and drink them during the class.