British Drama and Theatre ( THTR / ENG 316 )

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General Readings in British and World Drama:

Bentley, Eric The Great Dramatists, 2 Volumes, (hb)
Bentley, Eric The Classic Theater, 4 Volumes, (pb)
Bentley, Eric The Modern Stage, 6 Volumes (pb)

History and Criticism
Gassner and Quinn The Reader’s Encyclopedia of World Drama
Gassner, John Masters of the Drama, Dover (hb)
Goldman, Michael The Actor’s Freedom
Leacroft, Richard The Development of the English Playhouse
Leacroft, Richard  Theatre and Playhouse

British Drama and Theatre ( THTR / ENG 316 )

Suggested Additional Readings

Early English Drama

Cawley, A. A., ed. Everyman and Medieval Miracle Plays, Everyman Library, Dutton (hb & pb)
Creeth, Edmund Tudor Plays: An Anthology of Early English Drama, Anchor 
Gassner, John, ed.  Medieval and Tudor Drama, Applause Books, 1995 (pb)
Manly, John M.  Specimens of the Pre-Shakespearean Drama, 2 vols, Dover, pb
Pollard, A. W. English Miracle Plays, Moralities, and Interludes: Spicimens of the Pre-Elizabethan Drama, 1898
Purvis, J.S.  The York Cycle of Mystery Plays, SPCK, London, 1963 
Rose, Martial, ed. The Wakefield Mystery Plays, Doubleday (hb), Norton (pb)

Individual Plays:
Anonymous Robin Hood (fragments)
Gascoigne, George Supposes
Heywood, John King Johan
Heywood, John The Four PP
Medwall, Henry Fulgens and Lucres
Mr. S Gammer Gurton’s Needle
Preston, Thomas Cambises
Sackville and Norton Gorbuduc, or Ferrex and Porrex
Udall, Nicholas Ralph Roister Doister

History and Criticism
Chambers, E. K. The Medieval Stage, Oxford U. Press, 1903, reprinted by Dover (pb)

Elizabethan Drama

Nethercot, et al, eds. Elizabethan Plays, Holt Rinehart, Winston (hb)
Fraser and Rabkin, eds. Drama of the English Renaissance, I: The Tudor Period, Macmillan (pb)
Wine, M. L.  Drama of the English Renaissance, Modern Library (pb)

Individual Plays:
Anonymous Arden of Feversham
Anonymous Mucedorus
Chapman, George Bussy d’Ambois
Dekker, Thomas The Whore of Babylon
Dekker, Thomas The Honest Whore
Greene, Robert Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay
Heywood, Thomas A Woman Killed with Kindness
Jonson, Ben Every Man in His Humour
Lodge and Greene A Looking Glass for London and England
Lyly, John Endymion
Lyly, John Gallathea
Marlowe, Chirstopher Edward II
Marlowe, Christopher Tamburlaine, Parts I & II
Marlowe, Christopher The Jew of Malta
Marston, John The Malcontent
Nashe, Thomas Summer’s Last Will and Testament 
Peele, George The Arraignment of Paris
Peele, George The Old Wives’ Tale
Peele, George David and Bathsabe
Preston, Thomas Cambyses

History and Criticism:
Braunmuller & Hattaway The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance English Drama
Barber, C. L. Creating Elizabethan Tragedy
Chambers, E.K. The Elizabethan Stage, 4 Volumes
Cox and Kastan, eds. A New History of Early English Drama, Columbia, 1997
Gurr, Andrew The Shakespearean Playing Companies
Gurr, Andrew The Shakespearean Stage, Cambridge U. Press, 1992
Gurr, Andrew Playgoing in Shakespeare’s London, Cambridge, 1996
Hawkes, Terence That Shakespearean Rag, 
Howard, Jean The Stage and Social Struggle, Routledge, 1994
Kastan and Stallybrass, eds. Staging the Renaissance
Marston, Edward The Queen’s Head, and other mysteries, Fawcett
Mullaney, Steven The Place of the Stage, U. of Chicago Press, 1988
Parrott & Ball, eds A Short View of Elizabethan Drama, Scribners, 1958


The City Comedy

Individual Plays:
Beaumont and Fletcher The Knight of the Burning Pestle
Brome A Jovial Crew
Dekker The Honest Whore
Heywood If You Know Not Me You Know No Body
Jonson Every Man in His Humour
Jonson Every Man out of his Humour
Jonson The Staple of News
Jonson Bartholomew Fair
Jonson, et al Eastward Ho
Massinger A New Way to Pay Old Debts
Middleton A Mad World My Masters
Middleton A Chaste Maid in Cheapside
Middleton A Trick to Catch the Old One
Shirley Hyde Park
Shirley The Lady of Pleasure
Webster, et al Westward Ho

History and Criticism
Bentley, G. E. The Profession of Player in Shakespeare’s Age
Bentley, G. E.  The Profession of Playwright in Shakespeare’s Age
Bluestone & Rabkin Shakespeare’s Contemporaries

Jacobean Tragedy

Nethercott, et al, eds. Stuart Plays, Holt Rinehart, Winston, (hb)
Fraser and Rabkin, eds. Drama of the English Renaissance, II: The Stuart Period

Individual Plays:
Beaumont and Fletcher Philaster
Beaumont and Fletcher The Maid’s Tragedy
Ford, John ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore
Ford, John Perkin Warbeck
Ford, John The Broken Heart
Ford, John The Witch of Edmonton
Jonson, Ben Sejanus His Fall
Marston, John Antonio’s Revenge
Marston, John The Malcontent
Massinger, Philip The Maid of Honor
Massinger, Philip The Roman Actor
Middleton and Rowley The Changeling
Middleton, Thomas  Women Beware Women
Shirley, James The Cardinal
Shirley, James The Lady of Pleasure
Webster, John The White Devil
Webster, John The Devil’s Law Case

History and Criticism
Willey, Basil The Seventeenth Century Background
Brown, John Russell Shakespeare’s Plays in Performance


Restoration Drama

MacMillan and Jones, eds. Plays of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century, Henry Holt (hb)
Moore, Cecil M. ed. Twelve Famous Plays of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century (Modern Library Giant)

Some Individual Plays:
Cibber, Colley  Love's Last Shift
Congreve, William  The Way of the World
Congreve, William Love for Love
Davenant, Sir William  The Siege of Rhodes, Part I
Dryden, John  All for Love
Dryden, John & Sir Robert Howard The Indian Queen
Etherege, Sir George  The Man of Mode
Lee, Nathaniel  The Rival Queens
Otway, Thomas  Venice Preserved
Shadwell, Thomas  The Squire of Alsatia
Vanbrugh, Sir John  The Relapse
Vanbrugh, Sir John The Provoked Wife
Villiers, George Duke of Buckingham The Rehearsal
Wycherley The Country Wife

History and Criticism
Holland, Norman The First Modern Comedies
Loftis, John, ed. Restoration Drama: Modern Essays in Criticism
Miner, E., ed. Restoration Dramatists: A Collection of Critical Essays
Nicoll, Alardyce Restoration Drama, 1660-1700
Peters, Julie Stone Congreve, the Drama, and the Printed Word
Summers, Montagu The Playhouse of Pepys
Summers, Montagu Restoration Theatre
Van Lennep, William The London Stage, 1660-1800


Eighteenth Century Drama

Morgan, Fidelis The Female Wits

Individual Plays:
Addison Joseph  Cato
Centlivre, Susannah The Wonder! A Woman Keeps a Secret
Centlivre, Sussanah The Gamester
Colman, George & David Garrick The Clandestine Marriage
Cumberland, Richard  The West Indian
D’Urfey, Thomas Love for Money
Farquhar, George  The Beaux' Stratagem
Goldsmith, Oliver  She Stoops to Conquer
Home, John  Douglas
Kelly, Hugh  False Delicacy
Lillo, George  The London Merchant
Rowe, Nicholas  The Fair Penitent
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley The Rivals
Steele, Sir Richard  The Conscious Lovers
von Kotzebue, Augustus (Benjamin Thompson) The Stranger


Nineteenth Century Drama

Burham and Dodds, eds. British and American Plays, 1830-1945, Oxford U. Press (hb)

Individual Plays:
Boucicault, Dion After Dark
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward Money
Burney, Fanny One Busy Day
Gilbert, William S. Engaged
Jerrold, Douglas Black-Eyed Susan
Jones, Henry Arthur The Masqueraders
Knowles, James Sheridan Virginius
MacKaye, Steele Hazel Kirke
Pinero, Arthur Wing Trelawney of the Wells
Pinero. Arthur Wing The Magistrate
Robertson, Thomas Caste
Robertson, Thomas Society
Shelley, Percy Bysshe The Cenci
Taylor, Tom The Ticket-of-Leave Man
Wilde, Oscar Lady Windermere’s Fan

Late Victorian and Edwardian Drama

Weades, Gerald Edwardian Plays
Taylor, George Trilby and Other Plays

Individual Plays:
Shaw, George  Major Barbara
Barrie, James M. What Every Woman Knows
Galsworthy, John Justice
Granville-Barker, Harley Waste
Hankin, St. John Return of the Prodigal
Jones, Henry Arthur The Masqueraders
Pinero, Arthur Wing The Second Mrs. Tanqueray
Archer, William The Green Goddess
Milne, A. A. Mr. Pim Passes By

History and Criticism
Bentley, Eric Bernard Shaw: A Reconsideration
Shaw, George Bernard The Quintessence of Ibsenism
Meisel, Martin George Bernard Shaw and the 19th C. Theater


Early Twentieth Century Drama, The Edwardians and After

Tucker and Downer, eds.  Twenty-Five Modern Plays, Harper and Row (hb)
Gerald Weales, ed. Edwardian Plays
Watson & Pressey, eds. Contemporary Drama: European, English, Irish and American Plays
Cerf and Cartmell. Eds Sixteen Famous British Plays
Montrose J. Moses, ed. Representative British Dramas: Victorian and Modern

Individual Plays:
Bennett, Arnold & E. Knoblock Milestones
Bridie, James  The King of Nowhere
Coward, Noel  Cavalcade
Daviot, Gordon  Richard of Bordeaux
Galsworthy, John The Silver Box
Hamilton, Patrick Angel Street
Hankin, St. John The Return of the Prodigal
Lawrence, D. H.  A Collier’s Friday Night
Maugham, W. Somerset  The Circle
Milne, A. A.  Mr. Pim Passes By
Priestly, J. B.  Dangerous Corner
Sherriff, R. C.  Journey's End
Sowerby, Githa  Rutherford and Son
Travers, Ben  Rookery Nook
Vane, Sutton  Outward Bound
Williams, Emlyn The Corn Is Green


Irish Drama

Browne, E. Martin  Three Irish Plays
McGuinness, Frank  The Dazzling Dark: New Irish Plays
Nathan, George Jean  Five Great Modern Irish Plays

Individual Plays:
Behan, Brendan The Quare Fellow
Boyle, William The Building Fund
Carroll, Paul Vincent Shadow and Substance
Devlin, Anne After Easter
Dunsany, Lord A Night at an Inn
Ervine, St. John John Ferguson
Flannery, Peter Blind Justice
Friel, Brian Translations
Gregory, Lady Augusta Spreading the News
Heaney, Seamus The Cure at Troy
Johnston, Denis The Moon in the Yellow River
MacDonagh, Donagh Step-in-the-Hollow
Martin, Edward The Heather Field
McDonagh, Martin The Beauty Queen of Leenane
McGuinness, Frank Behold the Sons of Ulster Marching to the Somme
McPherson, Conor This Lime Tree Bower
Morrison, Bill A Love Song for Ulster : A Trilogy
Murphy, Tom Famine
O’Casey, Sean The Shadow of a Gunman
O’Kelly, Seumus The Shuiler’s Child
O'Conor, Joseph The Iron Harp
Pownall, David Richard III, Part Two
Reid, Christina The Belle of the Belfast City
Robinson, Lennox Church Street
Synge, John Millington The Playboy of the Western World
Yeats, Wm Butler Purgatory

History and Criticism
Kavanaugh The History of the Abbey Theatre
Robinson, Lennox The Abbey Theatre: A History

British Drama since 1956

Individual Plays:
Arden, John Sergeant Musgrave’s Dance
Ayckbourn, Alan The Norman Conquests
Barker, Howard The Hang of the Gaol
Barnes, Peter The Ruling Class
Bennet, et al Beyond the Fringe
Bennett, Alan The Madness of George III
Bond, Edward The Fool
Brenton, Howard The Romans in Britain
Churchill, Caryl Cloud Nine
Daniels, Sarah Masterpieces
Dear, Nick The Art of Success
Edgar, David Maydays
Frayn, Michael Noises Off
Grey, Simon Butley
Grifiths, Trevor Occupations
Halliwell, David The House
Hare, David Plenty
Harrison, Tony The Mysteries
Hastings, Michael For the West (Uganda)
Johnson, Terry Dead Funny
Keefe, Barrie Barbarians
Kureishi, Hanif Borderline
Liegh, Mike Abigail’s Party
Littlewood, Joan Oh, What a Lovely War!
Lucie, Doug Fashion
Matura, Mustapha Independence
McGrath, John The Cheviot, the Stag, and the Black Black Oil
Marowitz, Charles Artaud at Rodez
Meyer, Marlane Etta Jenks
Nichols, Peter The National Health
Orton, Joe What the Butler Saw
Osborne, John The Entertainer
Poliakof, Steven Playing with Trains
Potter, Dennis The Singing Detective (TV drama)
Rattigan, Terrance Separate Tables
Ridley, Philip Ghost from a Perfect Place
Simpson, N.F. One Way Pendulum
Soyinka, Wole Death and the King’s Horseman
Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Townsend, Sue The Great Celestial Cow
Wesker, Arnold The Kitchen
Williams, Heathcote The Local Stigmatic
Wilson, Snoo The Number of the Beast

History and Criticism
Barker, Howard Arguments for a Theatre
Brenton, Howard Hot Irons
Coult and Kershaw Engineers of the Imagination
Hare, David Acting Up
McGrath, John A Good Night Out
McGrath, John The Bone Won’t Break
Ritchie, Rob (ed.) The Joint Stock Book