Lord Buckley

It's all so very alive and jumpin' and in the pauses one can hear the atoms exploding out there in the Milky Way where the grass comes up every once in ten billion years and there are no moth balls or frigidaires, no box office receipts, no railroads, 
no crucifixions rosy or otherwise ...

                         It is all very far out, your Lordship.

                                                                                                                - - Henry Miller

These texts were transcribed from recorded performances by Richard "Lord" Buckley. They are for the enjoyment, research, and delectation of all who have come to know and love his work and the enlightenment of those who have never heard it. The discography lists recorded collections, most of which are no longer available. If a demand grows for more recordings they will appear. All cats and kitties who are blown away by this material are encouraged to perform it, share it, download it, post it, make it known to the not-yet-hip, but hungry, masses.

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