Health Care Reform Debate Resources

This list compiles on-line resources that I have found informative in educationg myself about the current Health Care Reform debate.  I recommend them to my students and to others who are interested in the issue.  I do not vouch for the absolute reliability of any particular source and urge anyone exploring the issue to draw on as many varied sources of information as possible. 

I have grouped some sources at the end as advocates of "Market Based" solutions to the current crisis for my own convenience so that I can quickly check on the positions of the various groups or commentators who are critical of any "Public Option" such as a single payer national health care program or less ambitious government administered systems for delivering health care to the public.  I do not mean to imply that any of these sources are less reliable due to their stated position or because of any "bias" I impute to them.  The "classification" was for my own reference only.   The other sources have a variety of positions on publically administered or financed programs and should not be assumed to be opposed to "Market Based" approaches.

If there are important an informative sources I should pay attention to don't hesitate to tell me about them.

Exchanges Will Raise U.S. Health-Care Costs, David Goldhill, Bloomberg News

"Opt Out" Anti-Obamacare Ad, featuring the Creepy Uncle Sam

‘Affordable Care’ or a Rip-Off?, Elizabeth Rosenthal, New York Times, 28 September 2013

The American Way of Birth: The Costliest in the World, Elizabeth Rosenthal, New York Times, 1 July 2013

Seeking Medical Care Overseas, at Lower Cost, Elizabeth Rosenthal, New York Times, 12 August 2013

Why the US Leads the World in Health Costs, The Example of Colonoscopies, Elizabeth Rosenthal, 2 June 2013

Why Is Childbirth So Expensive in the US?, Elizabeth Rosenthal, New York Times, 10 June 2013

Elizabeth Rosenthal Interviewed by Leonard Lopate, Medical Care Overseas, WNYC, 12 August 2013

House and Senate Health Care bills compared, NY Times, 19 November 2009

R.E.M. and video:  We Can't Afford to Wait

Text of President Obama's speech to Congress, 9 September 2009

Outline of President Obama's plan for health care reform

Economic Policy Institute: Health Reform Endgame

New England Journal of Medicine:  Survey of Doctors favors Public Option, Single Payer

Fighting the Wrong Health Care Battle  By Paul Starr

Paul Starr, Princeton Economist

Paul Starr's publications

Columbia Journalism Review, Trudi Lieberman, What's So Public about the Public Option

Columbia Journalism Review, Massachusetts Health Reform articles

Columbia Journalism Review, Devil in the Details, Part III, Trudy Lieberman

NY Times, 9/18:  Krugman:  Baucus's "Mark"

Monthly Review, 09: The Health Care Crisis in the United States by David Singer

Progressive, 9/09:  Health Care Reform on the Homestretch By Ruth Conniff, September 15, 2009

McClatchy. 9/09: How Republicans would overhaul the health care system, By Julie Appleby / Kaiser Health News

President Obama Should Focus on Curbing Epidemic of Medical Errors, Not Shielding Those Responsible, Statement of David Arkush, Director, Public Citizen’s Congress Watch Division

Medical Malpractice Payments Fall to Record Low, Public Citizen Study Shows Medical Malpractice Epidemic Persists Even as Compensation to Victims Decreases

Atlantic, 9/09: Daniel Akst, Death by Uninsurance and by Bad Health Decisions compared

Rolling Stone:  The Lie Machine, Sept 09

All Things Considered: Survey of Doctors in NEJM

New England Journal of Medicine: Health Care Reform 2009

White House Reality Check

Denver Post:  Debunking Canadian health care myths, By Rhonda Hackett

President Obama Highlights New Treasury Report on Instability of Health Insurance in America

US Treasury Paper on Uninsured over ten year period cited by Obama at Minneapolis rally

Text version of Treasury report on uninsured:|lang_es&oe=UTF-8

Business Week analyses Treasury report based on U.M. Study, 9/09

PNHCP on Harvard study:  Harvard study finds nearly 45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage

New York Times:  Articles on Health Care Reform

Financial Times:  US Health Care

California Nurses Assoc:  California's Real Death Panels: Insurers Deny 21% of Claims

The Policy-Speak Disaster for Health Care by: George Lakoff More Health Care Scare Government-Run Health Care

Public CItzen, Health Research Group

Sourcewatch on  Health Care debate

Institute for Health Care Improvement

Single Payer Action

Health Care for America Now

Democratic National Committee on Health Care Reform

Progressive Democrats of America:  Single Payer Proposal

Rep. John Conyers:  Public Option is Essential

Rep. John D. Dingell:  Quality Affordable Health Care Act

Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette:  Britain's National Health Service has been unfairly maligned

Democracy for America ( Howard Dean )

Center for American Progress

Healthcare for All - California

Kaiser Family Foundation information on Health Reform

NY Review of Books: "Health Reform: The Fateful Moment," 2009:


NY Review of Books: "The Health Reform We Need," 2009:


NY Review of Books: "Health Care Elsewhere: An Exchange":


NY Review of Books: Paul Krugman, "The Health Care Crisis," 2006:


New York Times: "Following the Money in the Health Care Debate," 2009:


Business Week: Health Insurers Have Already Won

The New Yorker, "Getting There from Here," Atul Gawande, 2009:


World Health Organization Health Rankings

World Health Organization Healthy Life Expectancy Rankings

Free Speech Radio News:  The History of US Health Care Reform

Joe Conason, Salon, "The Questions Our Healthcare Debate Ignores":


Jamie Court in Huffington Post, on Health Care Reform and the Insurance Industry:


The Nation, Slideshow, with links to past articles:


The Nation, "Rick Scott: Healthcare Enemy No. 1,"


The Nation, "Healthcare Disinformation: A Case Study,"


Wendell Potter, former Cygnet and Humana Insurance executive, blog:


Bill Moyers interviews Wendell Potter on Health Insurance industry lobbying:


Bill Moyers interviews Wendell Potter - transcript:


Wendell Potter on "All Things Considered," August 2009

Wendell Potter on Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman on Wendell Potter

NY Times: Kristoff on Wendell Potter and Health Care industry distortions

Sourcewatch on Wendell Potter

Wendel Potter on Democracy Now, Sept. 30, 2009

Bill Moyers interviews Trudy Lieberman and Marcia Angell on the media coverage of the health care debate:


Bill Moyers Journal on Money and the Health Care Debate:


Bill Moyers Journal: Health Care Reform on the Table:


Bill Moyers interviews Dr. David Himmelstein & Dr. Sidney Wolfe


Bill Moyers interviews Donna Smith of the California Nurses Association:


Bill Moyers: Money Driven Healthcare, August 28, 2009

    Sourcewatch on Bill Moyers

    Attack on Bill Moyers in the '60's

Institute for Public Accuracy (Norman Solomon)

Sourcewatch:  Norman Solomon

Truthout: James Kwak, You Do Not Have Health Insurance

Ten Busted Myths about the Canadian Health Care System:


Frontline:  "Sick in America":


Frontline:  "Sick around the World":


How PBS cut T.R. Reid out of his documentary "Sick in America"

Q&A with T.R. Reid about "Sick Around the World"

NY Times review of "Sick around the World"

5 Myths About Health Care around the World, T.R. Reid, Washington Post

"The Healing of America," T.R. Reid, an excerpt:

Fresh Air interview with T.R. Reid on "The Healing of America"

PBS: Q&A with Uwe E. Reinhardt

PBS: Healthcare Crisis: Who's at Risk?

PBS Interview: Marcia Angell, Editor, New England Journal of Medicine

PBS: Expert Interviews

Uwe E. Reinhardt, Princeton economist, on public option and AHIP plan

Uwe E. Reinhardt posts to New York Times Economix blog

Michael Pollan: Big Insurance vs. Big Food, NY Times Op-Ed

Phyicians for a National Health Program:


Annenberg Center's "":


RealClearPolitics on the Health Care Debate:


The New England Journal of Medicine compares the Obama and McCain Health Care proposals:


CBS/NY Times poll on US opinion:

Bill Moyers, 4 September 2009, Comment on the Health Care Debate

AFL-CIO Health Care information

Dartmouth Center for Health Policy Research

Fresh Air: Young People Living, And Laughing, With Cancer

Q: What do you call a cancer victim in her twenties who is insured?
A: A Canadian.

Newsweek:  A Malignant Melanoma Walks Into a Bar..., Iva Skoch

Progressive States Network

PBS Newshour Health Care

Medical News Today

Hendrick Hertzberg on Health Care Debate

PBS, T.R. Reid, Sick Around the World

PBS: Sick Around America, T.R. Reid report

Politifact on 85% "satisfaction" with health care

Health Affairs, leading peer reviewed journal on public health examines claims that Canadians use US health facilities in preference to their own:


Canadian Medical Association on the Health Affairs study:

Bill Maher on Health Care, Prisons, War and News for Profit:

Bill Maher interviews Dr. David Scheiner:

Counterspin on Health Care debate coverage: Five Top Health Care Lies

American Trial Lawyers Association

F.A.I.R. - The corporate ties between insurers and media companies

F.A.I.R. - Media Quarantine of Single-Payer Continues

Columbia Journalism Review - Straight Talk on Health Care

Columbia Journalism Revoew on Investment Business Daily and Stephen Hawking:

McClatchey: Who's Behind Attacks on Health Care Reform?

Colbert Debates Colbert on Health Care

Colbert on Death Panels

Colbert on Legislators and Health Industry Lobbyists

Colbert on Legislators and Lobbyists

Jon Stewart, August 2009, on Health Care

Huffington Post:  RNC Memo, "Stop Health Reform"

NPR: Daniel Schorr: On his 1970 boook "Don't Get Sick in America"

Daniel Schorr:  On Immigrants and Health Care

Michael Moore, "Sicko"

    Online Michael Moore haters' website

Billionaires for Wealthcare video

Robert Greenwald on MSNBC discusses his film "Sick for Profit"

Thom Brooks, UK moral philosopher, on US Health Care Debate

Amy Goodman: Tony Benn, on Afghanistan and Health Care

Amy Goodman: Tommy Douglas, Keifer Sutherland, Dr. Michael Rachliss on Canadian Health Care

CREDO petition to President Obama, "Keep the Public Option"

Paul Krugman, "Missing Nixon," on how good even HIS medical reforms were:

CNN:  What You Need to Know about Health Care Reform

Mad as Hell Doctors

Urban Institute on Healthcare

Health Care Reform Educational Institute

Young Invincibles

Annenberg Center on CBO estimates on "tort reform" savings.

Paul Krugman on AHIP "study"

Paul Krugman, on what happens when the reforms pass

The Sick Business of Health-Care Profiteering, Vanity Fair

Nicholas Kristof blogs:

Democracy Now, Steffie Woolhandler , Physicians for a National Health Program, veterans, etc.

"Understanding Obamacare," Luke Mitchell, Harper's, December 2009

Trudy Lieberman on "Counterspin" on coverage of Healthcare debate

BIll Moyers interviews Anna Deaveare Smith on "Let Me Down Easy"

Kristof, NY Times, "Are We Going to Let John Die?"

Canadian Woman comes to Mayo Clinic for "turmor" treatment

Some reactions to the Candian "Brain Tumor" story highlighted in TV industry ad:,-and-the-Lying-Liar-Thats-Telling-It

Proponents of "Market-Based" Health Care

Republican National Committee video

Republican Health Care plan

GOP: Senior Health Care Bill of Rights

Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center Recommendations

America's Health Insurance Plans (Industry Lobby)

Republican Study Committee

AHIP's Health Reform proposals|25680

National Association of Insurance Commissioners / Center for Insurance Policy and Research

NY Times:  Guarded Optimism Among Insurers, but Some Health Sectors Remain Skeptical

New York Times touts "private insurance" Swiss plan
Swiss Health Care Thrives Without Public Option By NELSON D. SCHWARTZ

The Health Care Blog

The Health Care Blog:  Lessons of the Mayo Clinic

Conservatives for Patients' Rights 

( founded by Rick Scott, of the Columbia / HCA Medicare fraud scandal )

          Sourcewatch on Rick Scott

  New York Times on Scott's record

  New York Times coverage of Columbia/HCA scandal

MEP Daniel Hannan with Sean Hannity on Fox News about health care in Great Britain

David Cameron, Conservative leader, denounces Hannan's Fox News Health Service remarks

The Lewin Group ( owned by United Health Care )

Washington Post on The Lewin Group

SEIU: The GOP and The Lewin Group

Cato Institute:  Health, Welfare and Entitlements

Hudson Institute:  Health Care articles

Hudson Institute: "Life Expectencey Humbug"

American Enterprise Institute: Health Policy Studies

Manhattan Institute Center for Medical Progress

The Becker-Posner Blog on Health Care

Milton Friedman, "How to Cure Health Care," from Hoover Institution Archives

National Association of Manufacturers 

US Chamber of Commerce on Health Reform


Freedomworks (Dick Armey)

    Sourcewatch:  Dick Armey


The Independence Institute

Employment Policies Institute on Uninsured

       Sourcewatch on Employment Policies Institute

        On EPI and Rick Berman's other "front groups"

National Federation of Independent Businesses