Manhattan School of

Humanities II, Section 12
The Questing Self: Crisis and Resolution

Taught by Tom Dale Keever


Class Syllabus

Core Attendance Policy

Plagiarism and Academic Honesty Policy

Style Sheet: Some advice on writing papers

Template for written assignments


Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics, J.R.R. Tolkein

Hamlet - an outline by scene

Don Quixote


Kafka - The Metamorphosis  PDF   Word Doc

Tolstoy - The Death of Ivan Illych  PDF   Word Doc

MSM Policy on Class Attendance

MSM Policy on Academic Honesty

Classroom Behavior in Humanites

Additional resources:

How I Teach Humanities at Manhattan School of Music

MLA Rules for citing sources

An Early Modern Chronology

Strunk and White: The Elements of Style: at Bartleby

Center for Nonviolent Communication

Janet D. Schenck, Adventures in Music ( A history of Manhattan School of Music's first forty years )