His Majesty, The Pedestrian

Richard "Lord" Buckley

His Majesty (ba-ba-ba-ba) the Pedestrian
He's the king of the boulevard no ques-ti-on (ba-ba-ba)
When he's told to stop at the crosswalk
He must be quiet or even talk
That's His Majesty (ba-ba-ba) the Pedestrian.

You must never hit (ba-ba-ba) a Pedestrian (ba-ba-ba-ba)
Be he north or east or south or a wes-tri-an (ba-ba-ba)
For he'll sue you black and blue
And he'll sue your lawyer too
That's His Majesty (ba-ba-ba) the Pedestrian.

So remember that (ba-ba) nobility
The swinging Kings and Queens of the utility (ba-ba)
If you're right you were wrong
And you'll never ring the gong
Against His Majesty (ba-ba-ba) the Pedestrian.

Here they come (ba-ba-ba-ba)
Bill and Joe (ba-ba-ba-ba)
And what do you know
And so and so (ba-ba-ba)
And mom and pop (ba-ba-ba)
Gramp and Sue (ba-ba-ba)
And swingin' behind (ba-ba-ba)
They're little boy bluuuuue . . .

You'll never win a case against a pedestrian (ba-ba-ba-ba)
It's truly and really completely out of the ques-ti-on (ba-ba-ba)
And if your really wise you'll solid keep your eyes
On the Majesty (ba-ba-ba) the Pedestrian.

Outtake from 1956 Hip Records sessions produced by Lyle Griffin.

Transcribed by EARL RIVERS

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