MSM Class Videos


Nabokov Plummer, part I

Nabokov Plummer, part II

Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life

9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact

Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent

1000 Years of European History  Tribes

World History

"Australians for Coal" Policy Update:  "F*ck You"

Sacheen Littlefeather at The Oscars

Burning Down The House

David Sedaris Stadium Pal

World War II visual record of deaths

Ian McKellen's Monologue from Sir Thomas More

Lester Maddox

Collateral Murder, Baghdad, July 2007

Big Lebowski: Short Version

Michael Moore Academy Award for Bowling for Columbine

Nina Simone, Mississippi Goddamn

Abrahan Lincoln, Cooper Union, Sam Waterston

After We Torture Our Prisoners,

Spider, film short

Improve your English

Learn English

Adam Curtis:  The Trap

Roy Andersson, Seven ads, including Social Democratis

Roy Andersson 2:  

Health Care:

R.E.M. and video:  We Can't Afford to Wait

Bill Moyers interviews Wendell Potter on Health Insurance industry lobbying

Bill Moyers interviews Wendell Potter on Health Insurance industry lobbying

Bill Moyers interviews Trudy Lieberman and Marcia Angell on the media coverage of the health care debate

Bill Moyers Journal on Money and the Health Care Debate:

Bill Moyers Journal: Health Care Reform on the Table:

Bill Moyers interviews Dr. David Himmelstein & Dr. Sidney Wolfe

Bill Moyers interviews Donna Smith of the California Nurses Association:

Bill Moyers: Money Driven Healthcare, August 28, 2009

Frontline:  "Sick around America": 1

Frontline:  "Sick around the World": 2

Bill Moyers, 4 September 2009, Comment on the Health Care Debate

Bill Maher on Health Care, Prisons, War and News for Profit:

Bill Maher interviews Dr. David Scheiner:

Colbert Debates Colbert on Health Care

Colbert on Death Panels

Jon Stewart, August 2009, on Health Care 1

Jon Stewart, August 2009, on Health Care 2

Jon Stewart, August 2009, on Health Care 3

Billionaires for Wealthcare video

MEP Daniel Hannan with Sean Hannity on Fox News about health care in Great Britain

Videos for Possible Class Use

Onion analyzes The Wizard of Oz

George Carlin: Voting is Meaningless

Dick Morris Predicts the Election

Sarah Silverman: Voter ID

Sarah Silverman: An Indecent Proposal

Who Is Jill Stein?

Jill Stein Accepts Green Party Nomination

11 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote, Errol Morris Film


Dreams from My Real Father, anti Obama video trailer

Julia Gillard attacks Tony Adams in Australian House of Reps
One Bright Shining Moment: George McGovern documentary
Richard Mourdock:  Rape and God's Will

Obama Ads:

Lena Dunham: Your First Time

LGBT Americans for Obama

Obama Pride: Ricky Martin

Paul Ryan: Methods of Misleading

Obama Big Bird Ad

Clinton Obama Ad

Official Obama Ad

Obama: Read My Plan

Obama Ad: Romney the Problem

Obama Ad: Romney and China

Obama Ad: Obama's Energy Record

Obama Ad: Sarah Jessica Parker

Obama Ad: Strategy Session

Obama Ad: President Repeals "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Obama Ad: Romney Versus Reality

Obama Ad: Broken Promises, Romney in Massachusetts

Obama Ad: Romney Extreme on Women's Issues

Obama Ad: Romney Backwards on Equality

Obama Ad: Romney at the NRA

Romney Ads:

Romney Ad: Coal Bankrupt

Romney Ad: Obama Has Not Earned Re-election

Romney Ad: Obama Attacks Success

Romney Ad: Conservative Agenda

Romney Ad: Too Many Americans Are Struggling

Romney Ad: Stand Up to China

Romney Ad: The Promise of America

Romney Ad: No, I Can't

Romney Ad: Obama Guts Welfare Reform

Romney Ad: It's Just Not Getting Better

Romney Ad: Not Even Half

Romney Ad: "Fine?"

Romney Ad: Nervous

Romney Ad:  He's Right

Romney Ad: Audacity of Indifference

Romney Ad: Obama's Misery Index

Romney Ad: "Kill Romney?"

Romney Ad: Silence

Romney Ad: Welcome to Florida

Romney Ad: America Is Right

Romney Ad: Unions

Romney Ad: In America Anything Is Possible

Romney Ad: 20,000,000 Bumps in the Road

Romney Ad: Restore America's Greatness

Romney Ad: Shares Our Values

Romney Ad: Take China to the Mat

Romney Ad: Stop the Spending

Romney Ad: Incomplete

Romney Ad: Big Bain Backfire

Romney Ad: One Term Proposition

Romney Ad: Our Time

Romney Ad: Better

Romney Ad: One of the 23 Million

Romney Ad: A Few More of the 23 Million

Romney Ad: Stimulus Anniversary

Romney Ad: Since He's Been Gone

Romney Ad: Symbol of Failure

Romney Ad: Soul Mate

Romney Ad: A Love Story

Romney Ad: A Love Story Continues

Romney Ad: Family

Romney Ad: Happy Birthday, Mom

Romney Ad: Father's Day

Romney Ad: Shame on You

Romney Ad: GOCOM

Romney Ad: Cherished Relationship (Israel)